Engineering Services

A majority of our work is automotive related in body assembly, paint, GA and interfacing PLC’s to plant information centralized servers. We have also expanded into the beverage and agricultural  industries with projects at Coca-Cola in Detroit and Caterpillar in Peoria.
Our controls are robust, user friendly, and ramp up to line rate quickly.
Our Engineers are proactive.  They ask the right questions early into the project and have the experience to anticipate problems and get them addressed quickly.  They, not only, interface well with  other engineers but also with skill trades alike.

 Controls Crew has provided the PLC design, build and startup of: automatic robotic welding cells; all types of conveyor controls; paint applications; various General Assembly systems such as Error    Proofing, Torque Monitoring, Quality Andon Systems (QAS), Electronic Pull Systems (EPS), Plant Routing and Tracking (PR&T), Plant Monitoring and Control (PM&C); and assisted with Plant Floor  Systems (PFS) by interfacing PLC programs with centralized upper level computers and servers.